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Fair Usage Policy

What is the purpose of fair usage policy?

ComlinkInternet fair usage policy restricts the number of users who can use the internet simultaneously so that the rest of the group’s performance is not adversely affected. People who download a lot are often grouped on ComlinkInternet because they use our service. ComlinkInternet Fair Use policy enhances the overall internet user experience for all users. It regulates and moderates all subscribers’ use of international bandwidth. As a result, it stops internet addicts and heavy users from abusing normal users’ privilege to high-speed access to foreign content.

ComlinkInternet assures the distribution of network equally

During peak time, the ComlinkInternet Fair Use Policy allows for throttling the connection speeds of users who have utilized too much of the available international bandwidth capacity in favor of those who have not yet used their good proportion. On a monthly cycle, we revert all measured bandwidth usage to zero, which results in equal opportunity for everyone to use the internet.

Here are a few actual examples of how data has been unfairly used

When it comes to data usage, the average household of four uses between 200 and 300GB (gigabytes) each month for everything from surfing the web to watching movies on Netflix to sending emails. Excessive bandwidth consumption can be caused by a lot of mass file transfers and other high-capacity traffic using hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), file transfer protocol (FTP), video streaming, peer-to-peer applications, and so on. A fraction of a month’s worth of data can be consumed by first-person gamers and Bitcoin miners. This cuts down on the bandwidth accessible to everyone else. Our network does not allow this kind of data hoarding. Anyone caught engaging in it will be warned and deprioritized until their next monthly data consumption recycling date comes around.

You can play a role in regulating network fairness

Remember to adjust your streaming devices and apps to 720/1080dpi instead of HD/4K when using the internet to stream your favorite movies, weekly TV programs, etc. This drastically minimizes the bandwidth needed while not affect your experience.

Two-hour HD/4K streaming movies may use 14-20GB of data. That equates to 7-10GB per hour usage.

Two-hour movie streaming at 720/1080dpi could need 2-4GB. That equates to 1 to 2 gigabytes per hour.

Because the screen on mobile devices is so small, the resolution is largely irrelevant. 480/600dpi resolution only consumes 40-60MB (megabytes) every clip on average when YouTubing/Surfing and looking at videos on the web. This resolution only consumes 40-60MB (megabytes) per clip depending on the duration.

Some Unethical things to avoid on internet to ensure fair usage 

To make the internet more secure and fairer to use, we recommend our customers to avoid things like using computers to commit fraud, software, film, or music piracy. Using or exposing another’s password without permission. Downloading, duplicating, or pirating software or electronic files. Exchanging sensitive, proprietary, or trade secret information & illegal website hacking. Defamation of the company, its products/services, coworkers, or consumers. The unauthorized use of a company’s network and/or electronic communications systems. Sending or uploading unsolicited chain letters, solicitations, or adverts.

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