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    Pink Plan

    $ 124.99 / mo

    Unlimited 4G LTE *

    No Contract Required

    No Credit Check 

    *Fair Usage Policy Apply

    Red Plan

    $ 149.99 / mo

    Unlimited 4G LTE *

    No Contract Required

    No Credit Check 

    *Fair Usage Policy Apply

    Blue Plan

    $ 159.99/ mo

    100 GB/mo 

    No Contract Required

    No Credit Check 


    Ideal for rural and remote communities
    Do you live in a remote region and looking for best internet provider in your area Or want to maximize your High-Speed Unlimited 4g internet speed?
    We can provide you with the best LTE wireless internet solution for your area with high speed, strong connectivity and easy to setup installation with no extra charges.
    Rural image
    comlink router
    Easy to setup
    We get you a device which you just need to plug in to your power source and your
    internet will start running.
    No professional installation cost.
    No drilling.
    No holes.

    How We Make It Happen?

    Our different membership plans are given according to our cellular towers as per your area coverage, we are one of the best internet providers in your area we will get you LTE data routers which get signals from our nearby cellular towers and give you high speed wireless internet.

    Are these offers too good to be true?

    We have been in this business for years and we can get you unlimited high speed internet at very economical rates. It’s not a throttled or limited internet. Our mission is to provide you fastest internet in a perfect plan.

    What about the contract signing and month to month plans?

    Comlink internet does not require a contract or credit check. Our various plans are month-to-month, however it's crucial to remember that each payment is a pre-payment for the following month. Incase you aren’t happy with our services , you may terminate your membership by notifying us and returning the device; however, we will keep charging you until the device is returned.

    Why do we keep saying that we offer different unlimited plans than your mobile data plan?

    Now you don’t need to worry about your mobile data we offer you unlimited data that can be used on any device even on your mobile phones. You will get high speed internet whether you are at home or office.

    Which plan suits you the best?

    Our plans of network varies according to our area coverage. A colored map represents areas and locations covered by each carrier you can select a plan according to coverage in your area. You can contact us for further details regarding your plan.

    Selecting the best device for you?

    All of our devices are pre-configured and ready to use when you receive them, just switch on your device and get online. Our primary devices are routers and hotspots. Routers are the finest alternative while being utilized in businesses and residences because of their high and wide range connectivity. We also have hotspots that are powered by a battery that is meant to provide you with the greatest Wi-Fi option.